You have to detach yourself from your familiar world, leave the familiar behind, create free space.

Jos Kessels

personal vision development and leadership – know yourself

Self-knowledge and vision are the talent of the leader.

Knowing who you are and what you stand for. That is the basis for vision.

Get to know yourself better and articulate your own vision and what you stand for in a clear way.

Based on personal experiences, you will discover your own commonly held outlook and values in a ten-step analysis called beads. With this methodology, we use very personal, small experiences to formulate general, actionable insights.

Going through all the beads of the bead game helps in making decisions, in overseeing the interests and, above all, in discovering who you are yourself, what you stand for and in formulating your personal views.

The beads game is based on Jos Kessels’ insights from the book Playing with Ideas.

Allura Vision Growers deploys “the bead game” to develop personal leadership in organizations. Know thyself is a good start for powerful leadership. The bead game can be completed in workshop format (half-day or full-day) or individually, during multiple appointments, supplemented by online (email) contact.

The beads game can be used for individual coaching, but can also be used as a method in a 1-day workshop for a Management Team or other group in an organization.

Read the reader about the bead game for more information.

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