We grant green entrepreneurs more allure.

about us personally

Marleen de Hoog

I find the green sector special because of passion, innovation and entrepreneurship. From my management and marketing experience at corporates, I help companies bring their vision and story to life. In doing so, the customer is always the reference point and ultimately every employee is involved.

Lianne van der Kruk

The green sector could use a lick of glamour. I put my experience in communications, media and as an entrepreneur to use for this purpose. I do so with a passion for language, philosophy and people. I help entrepreneurs formulate their vision and communicate it. A beating, living story inspires and spurs growth.

Together: Allura Vision Growers

We have known each other since high school, but our professional paths crossed when we collaborated on the Seed2Feed conference that Rabobank hosted in 2013. Lianne “did” the conference content and Marleen was on the steering committee. We discovered how we could unite substantive depth with professionalism in management and thus strengthen each other. That is the basis of our cooperation. We improve the quality and progress of our work and help each other grow as professionals. Besides, working together is much more fun than working alone. As Simon Sinek says, Together is better.


Greater appreciation for entrepreneurs in the green sector who contribute to the well-being of people and nature. And making that work as a basis for growth of the industry’s finest.


You get back what you give, so tell me where your passion is. Everything matters. The personal vision, passion and motivations of owner, management and employees are the foundation on which we build.

core values

  • Professional
  • Personal touch
  • Open and honest
  • Together is better
  • We continue to learn