Koppert Biological Systems

connection & interaction during online event

The issue of Koppert Biological Systems

How can we interconnect among international colleagues now that we cannot travel because of the corona pandemic?


One of Koppert’s core values: Building global networks, is under pressure during the corona pandemic. Koppert’s international networks are important for continuing the connection between colleagues as well as for connection to the global market, industry challenges and international partners.

Allura approach

Starting from what can be done

Together with the management and communications department of Koppert Biological Systems, we designed an online event based on what can be done, now that we cannot travel. International employees work a lot from home, making working hours flexible. This provides opportunities for a large group of people worldwide to come together at one time and exchange knowledge and experiences.

Experience and interaction at the online event

In designing the event, we paid attention not only to content, but also to experience, interaction, mutual connection and fun. Those elements are essential for connection and also important for Koppert Biological Systems in offline events.

The vision of Allura Vision Growers

  • Engagement occurs when each participant experiences that he or she matters.
  • Experience is about special moments and real stories that touch people
  • To achieve interconnection, everything must be right. Not only the content, but also the technology and direction.
  • Good prior coordination and practice contribute to a flawless event, where “everything is right.

Development of interaction and engagement

The Koppert Summit consisted of a thorough substantive program by in-house specialists on a variety of topics. The connection with participants arose as follows:

  • We started with a check-in and ended with a check-out for all participants.
  • Participants at many of the presentations were asked for their substantive opinions or input via Mentimeter
  • Participants were visible in the studio and to each other at home
  • Participants were active in a group chat about the topics discussed in presentations.
  • Questions were answered continuously in the chat or live by the presenter.
  • Presentations were given in an interactive and varied manner and evaluated with table guests.
  • It switched between live presentations, experiential moments and video.
  • We created an interactive group photo that exudes connection.
  • A personalized farewell program for two participants with many personal elements touched the participants. A song written especially for them, performed professionally, was a fitting and unique parting gift.
  • Management was present and actively involved, underscoring the importance of the meeting.


The Koppert Summit became an event with momentum, a good vibe and a very nice experience for organization and participants. Although “live” events will always be important for Koppert, this turned out to be “The next best thing,” which we really enjoyed with the whole team.

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