We take out the complexity without compromising the content.

A good story is the foundation

With a good story, every employee becomes an ambassador.

We grant green entrepreneurs more allure. In doing so, a good business story is the foundation. We help entrepreneurs shape and put words to their mission, vision, values and ambitions.

The fixed elements in a good business story

  1. Purpose, Mission or ‘Why’ – The fundamental raison d’ĂȘtre of the organization that goes beyond making money.
  2. Core values, which are timeless and define the culture of the organization.
  3. Ambitious but achievable goals for one’s future.

Allura Vision Growers helps formulate and visualize the company story, as well as your story about sustainability, strategy, culture, leadership vision or other topics where unambiguity is important. We take out the complexity without compromising the content. Then we support rollout, both internally and externally.

Wondering how we do that?

Core values

Develop and roll out core values in organizations.

Allura method

In 3 steps to a company with Allure, where everything is right.

Ikigai Method

Why do people in your organization enjoy coming to work every day?

Moral deliberation

Bringing core values to life and learning from each other.

Beads game

Inspiring leadership. Develop your own vision.

Find your Why

Formulating your own why. Writing in teams.