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The allura method is the basis for developing ven rolling out identity in organizations. In the three phases of the allura method, we use insights and expertise from many fields of knowledge, from a variety of authors and training. We merge our knowledge to help clients get a clear and true story. We complete the allura method with a customized process, or by helping organizations develop and formulate purpose, mission, vision, etc. themselves. We customize most workshops to fit a client’s situation and needs, using elements from:

1. good to great

Author Jim Collins wrote this book based on research at dozens of exceptionally successful companies. We use his insights to contribute to a clear story and its rollout for clients.

Within Step 1 of the Allura Method, we examine what a company stands for and is going for. Here we use Collins’ “hedgehog” theory as inspiration.

2. start with Why

Simon Sinek’s start with why also remains an important theory. Since he wrote this book, he has continually published new works, which we read with interest and employ where applicable.

In our practice, we offer a workshop based on the insights of Simon Sinek: Find your WHY – Formulating your own why.

3. practical philosophy

Practical philosophy is not about theory but about living in reality. A philosophical approach helps find answers to “tough questions” for which there is not always one truth. How can you best deal with problems? What is important and what is not? What should you focus on, and what should you not focus on? We utilize insights and methods from practical philosophy to bring out the real story.

From the practical philosophy we offer, among other things, a course focused on Visionary Leadership, for (future) leaders who want to strengthen their own vision by clearly examining and formulating it.

Practical philosophy also plays a role in a session of Moral Deliberation. In a philosophical conversation, we discover together which (core) values are most important within an organization.

4. marketing & branding

We have done a lot of training in this area in the past. Nima B, C, Marketing communications, media planning, employer branding, personal branding, etc. We know the laws of marketing. Working with the experts at our clients, we tailor the story to the culture, but of course also to the market and the future.

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