With a good story, every employee becomes an ambassador.

We grant green entrepreneurs more allure.

our mission

We work to increase appreciation for green entrepreneurs by formulating and owning a good story.

A good story is true, inspires and is relatable. It is the story of all employees and is consistently conveyed in text, image and behavior. Such a story is not just on the table. It comes about in collaboration with a diversity of people in the organization. With such a story, every employee is stronger.

A good, unified company story is the basis for HR in such things as job ads, is reflected in the sales pitch, on the website and is endorsed by every employee or expression. When the board presents, a spokesperson speaks to the press, but also along the line on the weekend or at a party.

With a good story, every employee becomes an ambassador.

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You get back what you give, so tell me where your passion is. Everything matters. The personal vision, passion and motivations of owner, management and employees are the foundation on which we build.

core values

  • Professional
  • Personal touch
  • Open and honest
  • Together is better
  • We continue to learn
  • personal

    We improve the quality and progress of each other’s work and help each other grow as professionals. Besides, working together is much more fun than working alone.