A good story

Does everyone tell a different story?

Is your company missing impact?

Do you want to inspire and activate more?

A good

… is true, inspires and is relatable. It is the story of all employees and is consistently conveyed in text, image and behavior. Such a story is not just on the table. It comes about in collaboration with a diversity of people in the organization. With such a story, every employee is stronger.

The allura


The own, real story of what you are going for and stand for.

internal branding

Employees know and feel what they stand for and radiate that to the outside world.


Customers and partners experience with every contact that you do what you say.

about us

Knowing what you stand and stand for makes every employee stronger. It gives direction and makes choices easier. But it is not always easy to create a good story about your own organization. When you’re in the middle of it, it’s harder to keep your own power in focus. We use our external perspective and experience in strategy, marketing and communications to help you make the organization’s strengths visible.

We get joy when we help another person move forward, when we can contribute to the success of entrepreneurs or individual employees. We see that reflected in long-term commitment to our customers. We keep our external outlook, but really step into the company as sort of external colleagues.


Formulate from the core

“We discuss what matters – the core, passion, personality and ideas of the people who make the company.”


Everything must be right

“Getting the whole picture right. So that the best of the company is actually visible in people’s behavior.”


Royal Van Zanten
Back on track

2021 – 2022

We formulated the purpose, DNA and story of Royal Van Zanten. A story full of color shaped by the passion of employees.

Meijer Potato
Identity and internal branding


How do we articulate our story as Meijer Potato and align our external communications appropriate to our position as a top 5 potato breeder worldwide?

Koppert Biological Systems Online Summit


How can we interconnect among international colleagues now that we cannot travel because of the corona pandemic?

our references


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